Custom Process

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is a memorable experience.

Whether we are using an heirloom stone or starting from scratch, you will work one-on-one with the designer to bring the project to life. Then, seeing the steps from rough ideas to a finished piece, you will experience the throes and passions of what goes into a handmade piece of jewelry.

Due to the time that is carefully put into creating a custom project, a custom jewelry piece starts at $3000 for a piece with stones and $2000 without.

Design consultation 

Once you’ve completed the custom project form, we can arrange a call to discuss the project details in-depth. We will speak about any ideas you may have for the project, consider your choice of stone(s), designs you love and materials you’d like to use. After the consultation, the next two steps usually go hand-in-hand. 

The perfect stone 


This exciting part of the project is where your design truly begins to come to life, and depending on the project, can be the most vital feature of the jewelry piece. We work alongside numerous trusted gemstone suppliers to source the best quality stones. Only those that fit your design perfectly will be considered – after all, each piece of jewelry we create is a miniature work of art.  



The design process enables us to mock-up an example of the piece of jewelry allowing you to see in real-life what it may look like. While we specialize in hand carving, we’re also efficient in fabrication and CAD. By having these design tools at our disposal we can design anything your heart desires.  


The finishing touches on a piece of jewelry are the most important. This is where the artisanal skills learned over a lifetime of surrounding ourselves in the jewelry business come into the fore. Delicate handiwork, pieces are cut, soldered, stones set and polished by hand. Finally, a creation is born. 

We look forward to bringing your custom one-of-a-kind piece to life. Please get in touch with us below and fill out the design inquiry. That way, we will have all the necessary information to give you an accurate quote, timeline and details.

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