Studio philosophy


 From time to time, I try to sit down and put into words my philosophy on my studio design and how I stay aligned with my work. Unfortunately, I sometimes get derailed and start to move in an unintentional direction. It happens, right? But there are a few things that I try and hold true to in my work (and on occasion, personal life, too).  

 Simplicity is often the best

I enjoy designing an intricate piece, but I also enjoy pairing that down to its bare essentials and letting those unique details shine. That, to me, is the beauty of a good design. A simple band paired with a beautiful and unique stone can be the most perfect combination. 

 What we do and how we do it matters

 As a small business, we are afforded a luxurious opportunity to support other businesses in doing their best to be socially and environmentally conscious. For me, I do this by purchasing stones, working with materials and suppliers, and hiring labor who follow a similar ethos to mine. I believe in the power of the small business and the uniqueness and bespoke qualities they provide. By working together we can enhance the customer experience with traditional business values rather than faceless corporate stock. Together, we can create beautiful heirlooms that stand the test of time.   Learn more here 

 The best pieces of jewelry get worn 

I have little interest in creating a piece that sits in a box. If you love wearing big jewelry and appreciate a gorgeous sparkle (I do ), let's make that happen! If not, let's work together to find a perfect piece of jewelry for you – one that you’re not only comfortable to wear, but proud to wear. I am not interested in convincing you are someone who you are not. My ultimate goal is for you to have a piece that you love and cherish. 

 Let it be fun

I know that buying a commitment piece, special occasion, or a gift for yourself can sometimes be stressful. The team and I will do our best to guide you through the design and creation process to create a bespoke jewelry item that epitomizes the heart and soul of the wearer. 


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